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Program Evaluation and Accreditation Manager






QA&IE Unit


Master's or Ph.D. in Educational Assessment, Quality Assurance, or a relevant field.

Director of Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness Unit

Reporting to

5+ years of experience, including managing accreditation processes and leading teams in higher education.




- Advanced knowledge of program evaluation methodologies.
- Familiarity with quality assurance standards in education.



- Experience in managing accreditation processes.
- Strong project management skills.
- Ability to analyze complex data sets and generate meaningful reports.
- Excellent team management and collaboration skills.

  • Support GMU and all its academic programs throughout the national accreditation by the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) and international accreditation.

  • Create and maintain records of approval and accreditation cycles, to ensure timely preparation and submission of appropriate documentation

  • In consultation with program leadership, establish benchmarks and tools to measure performance against accreditation standards.

  • Play a key role in the development of submission documents and materials for external review accreditation activities, in particular supporting academic departments by drafting/reviewing/editing self-study documents to ensure requirements are met.

  • Coordinate internal audit of the University programs on a regular basis, halfway between CAA accreditation cycles, to ensure all standards are successfully met and recommend quality enhancements actions.

  • Develops and implements tools to analyze and monitor information used to prepare reports and operational indicators to optimize accreditation and evaluation process management

  • Prepare on an annual basis a comprehensive plan for review and accreditation activities, indicating implementation mechanisms, dates, success indicators, responsibilities, follow-up mechanisms,

  • Ensures accreditation requirements, including compliance with accreditation standards, are incorporated into the planning and evaluation process.

  • Overview revision of self-study reports, course files and program effectiveness reports and interpret compliance with the standards.

  • Identify on-site actions based on questions and concerns raised from a review of SSR and perform compliance inspections based on established guidelines for accreditation

  • Shall be responsible to facilitate a mock site visit halfway between accreditation cycles with the objective to recommend the areas for improvements prior to submission of the Self-Study and the external review.

  • Responsible to share information learned in other external program reviews to inform the next set of reviews

  • Monitor academic department progress on actions required in response to institutional and program accreditation reports and other requirements for compliance with CAA standards and other relevant indicators and create and maintain appropriate records

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