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GMU Research Strategy

GMU has established its research strategy (Link) aimed at being among the leading research universities and strengthening its position as a national and regional model for research. The university’s research strategy is aligned with its mission and vision. Additionally, the research strategy is aligned with the national research directions of the UAE.

Research Directions

  • Developing solution-focused research for diseases that are prevalent in the UAE and the region such as cancer and diabetes .

  • Development of new technologies and innovations to enhance the training and education of healthcare professionals.

Research Priorities

  • Cancer.

  • Diabetes.

  • Infectious Diseases.

  • Medical Education.

  • Public Health & Healthcare Management.

Goals and Objectives

Strategic Goal:
Developing Solution-Focused Research with an impact on healthcare and health professions education.
Strategic Objectives:

  1. Foster a research and innovation culture within GMU and offer the necessary supporting environment.

  2. Developing research abilities of faculty and students.

  3. Diversify and sustain funding resources for research projects and maintain the concept for endowed research chairs to build continuous legacy funding.

  4. Activate the Thumbay Institute of Population Health.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Publication per faculty per year (Target: > 2)

  • Research expenditure out of the total budget (Target: > 5%)

  • Faculty Satisfaction with Research Facilities (Target: > 85%)

  • Faculty Satisfaction with Research Opportunities (Target: > 85%)

Research Policies

Research policies are available through the following Link.

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