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Assistant Manager - Clinical Program






Academic Office




Reporting to

5 years relevant




• Process awareness



• Communication skill
• Administrative Skills
• Ability to plan, organize and implement assigned responsibilities and to work well under pressure to meet deadlines
• Excellent organizational, analytical and planning skills.
• MS Office

  • Identify and establish relationships with clinical sites for student placements.

  • Collaborate with healthcare facilities to ensure alignment of clinical experiences with program requirements.

  • Coordinate the placement of students in clinical settings based on program requirements. 

  • Monitor and assess students' clinical performance and adherence to established standards.

  • Work with faculty to develop and update the clinical component of the curriculum.

  • Ensure that clinical experiences align with program goals, accreditation standards, and industry best practices.

  • Conduct orientation sessions for students entering clinical rotations. 

  • Provide training to students on clinical expectations, policies, and procedures. 

  • Collaborate with academic faculty to integrate classroom learning with clinical experiences.

  • Communicate regularly with faculty to ensure alignment of clinical and academic objectives.

  • Provide support and guidance to clinical faculty responsible for supervising students.

  • Collaborate with faculty to evaluate the effectiveness of clinical experiences.

  • Ensure that clinical experiences meet regulatory and accreditation standards.

  • Maintain documentation and records to demonstrate compliance.

  • Address and resolve issues related to clinical placements, student performance, and communication with clinical sites.

  • Participate in ongoing quality improvement initiatives related to clinical education.

  • Implement changes to enhance the quality and effectiveness of clinical experiences.

  • Address concerns and facilitate positive relationships between the educational institution and clinical partners.

  • Coordinate logistical aspects of clinical placements, including scheduling, transportation, and accommodation when necessary.

  • Generate reports and documentation required for program evaluation and accreditation.

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