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Associate Dean Clinical








PhD / MD or equivalent qualifications.


Reporting to

Minimum of 5 years of full-time academic and clinical experience




Knowledge of college Operation and development, planning and budgeting, Staff Management, Academic programs, Curricula Development, Stipulations of the national and international accrediting bodies.



• Ability to plan, organize and implement assigned responsibilities and to work well under pressure to meet deadlines
• Organizational, analytical and planning skills.
• Manages continuity change and transition


  • Support the Dean in all matters concerningtraining of the students in the college.

  • Direct and coordinate the clinical activities associated with the program.

  • Coordinate and interact between the college and the training facilities.

  • Undertake regular coordination visits to the affiliated clinical training sites to monitor the training and ensure standardization of program delivery.

  • Conduct an orientation program for fresh students and new faculty about the aims and objectives of the clinical phase of the  program.

  • Close cordination with the training coordinators and adjunct clinical faculty.

  • Oversight the implementation of the schedules and timetables for clinical studies, internships, field surveys, field studies, etc. in consultation with the Department Chair and the Dean.

  • Supervise the tutors in their roles as facilitators of the case/problem-based learning sessions

  • Conduct regular meetings with the preceptors and discuss the academic progress of the students.

  • Monitor the student's record of patients, performing clinical procedures/interpreting results, etc. on the online tracking system (E-portfolio) across clinical training sites; generate reports, analyze and suggest improvements in the system and practices for implementation

  • Follow the preparation of the  attendance and continuous assessment documents to determine the eligibility of students to appear for professional examination

  • Ensure that the student feedback at the end of each training rotation/course is conducted in time and the results discussed in the monthly curriculum committee meetings 

  • Oversee the implementation of any changes based on recommendations of the Curriculum Committee

  • Prepare end-of-phase report based on the student's suggestions and recommendations of the training coordinators/faculty and submit the Action Taken Report to the Dean.

  • Brief the Dean regularly and/or as and when required regarding the progress of the training.

  • Participates in the performance evaluation system and monitors the performance of the associated staff. 

  • Perform any other duties as and when assigned based on the job requirement.

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