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Vice Chancellor Academics






University Level


Ph. D from a reputed university


Reporting to

• Leadership role in a similar institution for a period not less than 10 years
• Specialized knowledge and administrative experience demonstrating the ability to lead a complex academic research institution.
• Experience in strategic planning and execution.




• Extensive knowledge of University for Academic and Research Administration
• Broad knowledge of Best practices in university management.



• An outstanding profile of intellectual leadership and of distinguished scholarship and teaching
• Significant leadership and management experience in complex higher education environments, including strong financial and budget management skills;
• Ability and willingness to take measured risks for the achievement of academic excellence;
• Demonstrated skill and experience in leading and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion as well as an understanding of and dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of University life;
• Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to represent and motivate support for the mission, interests, and accomplishments of the University to audiences within and beyond the campus;
• The vision and tact to set priorities, to make difficult and controversial decisions, and to handle delicate personnel and personality conflicts;
• A commitment to enhancing the quality of student learning at the graduate, undergraduate, and professional levels;
• An understanding of the evolving role of libraries and technology in higher education and an appreciation for the technological needs of the University and its faculty;
• Skill in working with administrators, faculty, staff, and students in a climate of openness and transparency, integrity, trust, mutual respect, and collaborative problem solving;
• Sensitivity, fairness, compassion, and objectivity in decision-making;
• Personal and professional integrity in the highest degree.


Leadership and Vision:

  • Provide visionary leadership in the planning, implementation, and assessment of educational programs and initiatives.

  • Develop and implement academic policies and procedures that uphold the highest standards of academic excellence and integrity.

Program Development and Review:

  • Oversee the development and review of academic programs to ensure they meet the needs of students and align with current industry standards.

  • Encourage and support the integration of innovative teaching methods and technologies into the curriculum.

Faculty Affairs:

  • Lead the recruitment, development, and retention of a highly qualified and diverse faculty.

  • Evaluate faculty performance and promote professional development opportunities to ensure high-quality teaching and research.

Student Academic Success:

  • Ensure the availability of resources and support services that contribute to student learning, academic success, and overall well-being.

  • Oversee academic advising, tutoring, and other support programs to enhance student retention and graduation rates.

Budget and Resource Management:

  • Oversee the academic budget, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently to support teaching, learning, and research activities.

  • Advocate for and secure funding for academic initiatives, facilities, and technology that enhance the educational environment.

Community and International Relations:

  • Foster partnerships with local, regional, and international organizations to enhance educational opportunities and cultural exchange.

  • Represent the university at academic conferences, seminars, and other events to promote the institution's academic programs and achievements.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement through regular assessment of academic programs and student learning outcomes.

  • Implement changes based on data-driven decisions to enhance the quality of education and align with emerging trends and standards.

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