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Director Student Affairs






Student Affairs




Reporting to

8 years




• Knowledge of university protocols on admissions.



• Leadership & Communication skill
• Organized & detail oriented
• Decision making skill
• Proficient in personal computing skills
• Experience as a supervisor
• Excellent problem-solving skills
• Experience drafting policies and admissions criteria
• Ability to analyze and interpret data
• MS Office

  • Plan and implement all Student Services as required and provided by the university

  • Provide access to personal counseling services, health services and health education programs

  • Provide services that assist students in career planning and appropriate employment, provide career guidance services like, career testing, information and counselling, interviewing and other employment skills, job placement that are made available throughout the life cycle of the student from enrolment to graduation

  • Make available career service policies available to the students, alumni, and employers in the community

  • Provide access to academic advising services offered by the respective colleges or faculties

  • Facilitate appointment of the Student Council through a fair and just election process

  • Implement policies and procedures that support Student Welfare through address of student grievances

  • Oversee the Office Alumni Affairs to support the evaluation of programs through surveys and reports of alumni employment, access to higher education, licensure passage, employment satisfaction, professional and personal achievements over the years

  • Provide access to student services that help to maintain Self Health

  • Implement policies and procedures that address violations of Student Behavior And Academic Integrity [Personal and Academic Misconduct]

  • Implement policies and procedures that govern the operation of Residential Halls to support a healthy, safe and secure living environment that supports a learning environment with special consideration for female students and sensitive to the UAE culture and values

  • Maintain and advisory and role facilitate the provision a safe and regular transport services between residential halls, university campus, and affiliated clinical training sites

  • Support and monitor student publications that support the mission and vision of the university in accordance with the policies and procedures of the university

  • Provide support to health and wellness programs initiated by the colleges and sponsored by the university

  • Support the athletic and other sports activities conducted to ensure the safety and well-being of students at all times

  • Promote and implement the university policies that address student’s rights and responsibilities at all times

  • May constitute sub-committees where necessary with the approval of the Provost for the smooth and efficient discharge of the duties specified.

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