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Any Graduate


Reporting to

3 to 5 years



• Secretarial best practices
• Organizational and environmental awareness
• Knowledge of basic office principles and processes including documentation



• Effective Communication, Proactive, Time Management, Excellent Organizing skill, Analytical Thinking, Team work, Continuous Learning, Value & Ethics, Office Application (MS Word, Excel, Power Point), Proven ability to handle complex and sensitive issues with discretion is desirable.

  • Perform administrative support activities that are highly confidential and sensitive.

  • Schedule appointments and meetings by constant update of the meeting calendar.

  • Coordinating the various activities of the office.

  • Organizes the meetings hosted by the assigned office.

  • Performs activity in a well-planned flawless way to ensure a positive experience that reflects well.

  • Handling the day-to-day workings of the office .

  • Responsible to keep the office running efficiently

  • Attend queries by phone and/or in person by maintaining a warm and courteous welcome of customers as an accepted professional conduct.

  • Arrange and organize event calendar based on the appointed schedules of the line authority and coordinate on the minutes of meeting.

  • Coordinate and communicate relevant information across the department in a timely manner.

  • Coordinate with the concerned college/department for an effective scheduling of meetings as and when required.

  • Generate reports in the specified routine.

  • Arrange logistic conveyance and other support activities to the associated team member, so as to facilitate business continuance.

  • Provide support on monthly attendance report generation and pertinent to the HR department for its effective administration.

  • Maintain relevant database, filing system and attendance records as directed by the line authority for effective administration.

  • Ensure stationary stock is optimum by effective coordination with the purchase department on specific routines for timely procurement and stock maintenance.

  • Complete forms in accordance with company procedures and maintain correspondence in the direction of the line authority.

  • Operate and maintain office equipment for the effective operations.

  • Assist in the job activities within the scope of work as and when required by the managemet.

  • Maintain professional conduct with internal and external customers for a robust working environment.

  • Ensure adequate focus on personal professional growth relevant to taking on more challenging assignments.

  • Attend training for self-development.

  • Participate in the performance evaluation system.

  • Perform other duties as and when assigned based on the requirement.

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