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Clinical Assistant Professor








Doctoral degree equivalent to PhD

Head Clinical

Reporting to

At least 2 years Post doctoral or terminal degree


MOH License


Subject matter expertise, clinical knowledge, educational pedagogy, healthcare policy and regulations



Communication skill, Excellent Clinical Expertise, clinical teaching skill, research skill

  • Coordination and implementation of the clerkship component of the curriculum in their discipline

  • Engagement in the education of the students, as appropriate to learning outcomes of the clerkship and the program.

  • Assist in constructing the clerkship syllabus as per the template provided to meet the Annex 13: Course Syllabi requirements of CAA Standards 2019.

  • Conduct each clerkship in their respective disciplines in general conformity with the content, format, and official description of such clerkship as established by the faculty of the academic unit and approved by the college.

  • Undertake ambulatory care teaching, bedside teaching and teaching in operating room if applicable to provide an excellent clinical learning experience for the student.

  • Design and deliver teaching material across a range of modules or within a subject area using appropriate teaching, learning support and assessment methods.

  • Work with the student on mutually agreed upon goals, objectives and expectations at the beginning and throughout the learning experience.

  • Monitor student's progress and provide constructive feedback to students periodically and after formative / summative assessments and document the same in the student's records.

  • Assess and evaluate student's clinical records, including clinical logbooks, case study, ethical event reports, EBM reports and provide timely and constructive feedback.

  • Assist and conduct formative and summative assessments, including MCQ, DOCEE and OSCE examinations in consultation with Head of Department, Associate Dean Clinical and Phase III Coordinator with the support of the Academic Office.

  • Mobilize patients for the bedside teaching, grand rounds, formative and summative DOCEE / OSCE evaluations.

  • Make every reasonable effort to foster honest academic conduct and assure that the evaluation of student reflects their true merit.

  • Provide inputs to Clerkship Coordinator to maintain clerkship files as per the template provided to meet Annex 16: course files requirements of CAA Standards 2019.

  • Notify as promptly as possible to the Head of Department and Associate Dean Clinical whenever emergencies such as illness/accident prevent meeting a scheduled class.

  • Attend Faculty Development Programs conducted by the university as part of CPD  

  • Provide mentorship support to the students

  • Conduct self-appraisal at the end of the academic year

  • Assist in preparing annual report at the end of the academic year

  • Participate in the standing committee meetings and provide valuable inputs

  • Undertake other duties as assigned by the Head of Department and Associate Dean (Clinical)

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