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Doctoral Degree

Vice Chancellor Academics

Reporting to

• 15 years academic experience as a Professor of which 5 years administrative experience.




• Knowledge of college Operation and development, planning and budgeting, Staff Management, Academic programs, Curricula Development, Stipulations of the national and international accrediting bodies.



• Leadership & Communication skill
• Decision making skill
• Ability to plan, organize and implement assigned responsibilities and to work well under pressure to meet deadlines
• Student development and performance management skills.
• Excellent organizational, analytical and planning skills.
• Manages continuity change and transition
• MS Office

  • Shall be responsible for the operation and development, planning and budgeting, and personnel management and activities of the college;

  • Provide leadership to teaching, research, and extension programs;

  • Work closely with the Provost in developing university priorities and in administering program budget and faculty and unclassified professional policies;

  • The Dean as the academic and executive head of the faculty shall be responsible for the development of the faculty as regards academic programs, curricula, academic personnel, student body, and physical facilities;

  • In consultation with the Heads of Departments, the Dean shall make recommendations in all matters pertaining to appointment, reappointment, and promotion of the faculty.

  • Provide leadership, working with the faculty, to achieve the mission of the college in the areas of teaching, scholarship and service.

  • Foster an institutional attitude and department/College climate which promotes a collegial environment and excellence including advising.

  • Represent and promote the College both internally and externally.

  • Implement academic policies established by the University and College.

  • Request a budget for the college and departments with appropriate justification; once budget is approved, monitor and allocate funds from the budget.

  • Provide leadership in the area of faculty development and professional growth.

  • Conduct orientation of all new faculty and adjunct faculty.

  • Recommend faculty for promotion and continuing contract during probationary periods to the Provost/Chancellor

  • Encourage faculty grant writing and acquisition of external funds.

  • Supervise the activities of the department chairs and advise and mentor new department chairs.

  • Ensure regular department and College meetings.

  • Ensure the completion of both the annual faculty performance evaluations and student assessments of faculty/course.

  • Review and approve all College curricular requests and coordinate instruction, ensuring programs meet state and accreditation standards.

  • Assist in the establishment of and support for the orderly and regular review of programs and curriculum.

  • Maintain open, positive channels of communication with all college and University stakeholders.

  • Foster the recruitment and retention of qualified students and provide leadership to students in academic endeavors and co-curricular activities.

  • Ensure all students are advised and have a program of study.

  • Respond to student academic concerns and seek resolution at the faculty level, ensuring that accurate records of these issues are kept in the Dean’s office.

  • Ensure completion of assessment for all curricular majors.

  • Commit to and support of the development of multicultural diversity on the campus.

  • Participate in the establishment of the vision, long-term and short-term planning documents and decision-making and assist with strategic planning for both the College and University.

  • Demonstrate high participation in all levels of the assessment process. 

  • Monitor and distribute assessment data appropriately and use results in annual planning process.

  • Ensure compliance with the local regulatory authorities and accreditation guidelines. 

  • Maintain professional conduct with internal and external customers for a robust working environment.

  • Ensures adequate focus on personal professional growth relevant to taking on more challenging assignments.

  • Attends training for self-development.

  • Participates in the performance evaluation system and monitors the performance of the staff associated.

  • Perform other duties as and when assigned based on the requirement.

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