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Manager Assessment and Evaluations






Assessment and Evaluation




Reporting to

8 years




• Knowledge of trends and issues in students achievement and assessment.
• Knowledge of department and college policies, procedures, and practices.
• Knowledge of statistics.
• Strong research skills.
• Understanding of data analysis.
• Knowledge of assessment systems.
• Knowledge of program evaluation.



• Leadership & Communication skill
• Decision making skill
• Ability to plan, organize and implement assigned responsibilities and to work well under pressure to meet deadlines
• Employee development and performance management skills.
• Excellent organizational, analytical and planning skills.
• Manages continuity change and transition
• Creativity and dynamism
• MS Office

  • Responsible for overseeing the University examination process and in consultation with the Deans/Program Directors 

  • Schedule examination including periods and dates Guide assessment procedures 

  • Assure implementation of an assessment policy for students who have a disability 

  • Assure alignment of assessments as per module specifications.

  • Align department goals and work with the University’s vision and strategic plan. 

  • Provide assessment services, 

  • Participates in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the University’s vision. 

  • Oversees the assessment program, which implements the monitoring system for student achievement, perception data, program data, and demographic data. 

  • Utilizes the student data system to measure student performance over time to inform educational decision making. 

  • Works with post-secondary institutions to collect and analyze their data for informing opportunities for students to enable success after graduation. 

  • Advises staff, and school board on policy related to student achievement and assessment. 

  • Responsible for program review and evaluation to ensure that programs align with the District’s vision and achievement goals. 

  • Oversees the District’s student records, and the student information data management. 

  • Conducts research on instructional and student data management systems. 

  • Develops and administers the budget for assessment. 

Shall be responsible for all aspects of the examination process, including: 

  • Organization of all University examinations 

  • Organization of invigilation for all University examinations 

  • Production of University Diplomas and Certificates 

  • Production of all official pass lists 

  • Production of all GMU examination timetables 

  • Provision of Special Examination Arrangements for Students with special needs 

  • Maintenance of the External Examiners Database 

  • Processing External Examiners appointments and payments 

  • Liaising with the office of Head, Registers and Records in the production of degree certificates 

  • Maintenance of postgraduate research students records 

  • Maintenance of question banks 

  • Calling for submission of question papers from departments 

  • Uploading of question papers, 

  • Evaluation of the answer papers by the concerned departments. 

  • Arranging for the tabulation of marks 

  • Arranging for finalization and announcement of results. 

  • Supervising the valuation procedures. 

  • Handling re-totaling applications. 

  • Recording grades, producing and mailing grade reports 

  • Producing Rank-in-class reports 

  • Ranking undergraduates for graduation

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