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Officer HR










Reporting to





• Organization and environment awareness
• In-depth knowledge of best HR practices including personnel file management
• Trends in Industry, latest HR practices, current knowledge of Joint Commission, state guidelines, regulations, and standards
• UAE Labor law
• Must have coordinated, prepared, and participated in Joint Commission, and other surveys.
• MOH License processing and Renewals.



• Excellent written and verbal communication skill.
• Time Management, Organizing, Analytical Thinking, Team work, Continuous Learning, Value & Ethics.
• Office Application (MS Word, Excel, Power Point)
• Outstanding interpersonal skills including the ability to effectively communicate with persons throughout the organization, including clinicians
• Ability to analyze and resolve complex issues


Onboarding & Induction

  • Ensure smooth onboarding of new joiners.

  • Coordinates for the new joiner’s induction and orientation program along with departmental orientation and job responsibilities.

  • Carries out the joining formality for those on part time basis. 

Personnel File Management

  • Responsible to ensure that every employee personnel file is maintained with all the necessary documents as per the checklist and as per the statutory and regulatory requirement including JCI as applicable.

  • Manage the staff credentials and privileges as defined in the protocol and within the regulations. 

  • Ensure privileges are defined to the relevant employee and is documented in the personnel file.

  • Ensure every employee personnel files are maintained and are having documents supporting their education, experience, job description, evaluation, in-service education etc.

  • New joiners Personnel file is verified for documentation as per protocol, also carries out audit for availability of bank account.

  • Carries out renewal of medical staff privileges with the renewal or upgradation of competency with copy in the personnel file.

  • Ensure employee training on health and safety including vaccination, immunization and workplace violence prevention program, also ensures the training record is filed in the personnel file. 

Regulatory Compliance 

  • MOH license Renewals, arrange cash required and submit the statement on time to the Accounts upon completion of the job

  • Visa Renewals and labour Card Renewals to be completed before the expiry Leave & attendance Management

  • Carries out attendance management system effectively by monitoring staff movement and their monthly attendance.

  • Carries out hospital rounds to ensure adherence to the policies and protocol on a daily basis.

  • Generate report based on the observation and informs the concerned and take necessary action to ensure discipline.

  • Provides inputs on all types of Leaves of the employees as and when required based on the eligibility and the approval.

  • Assist to ensure bank account for all employees for smooth disbursement of salary before the monthly attendance. 

Other Responsibility

  • Coordinates for interview with the recruitment team as and when required.

  • Carries out initial performance review of all the new employees before completion of probation as per policy

  • Create a healthy and work friendly environment by focusing on employee happiness

  • Assist in employee engagement programs as and when conducted.

  • Participates in people happiness survey to understand the areas of improvement for better people happiness.

  • Assist in implementation of the rewards and recognitions program based on the performance evaluation.

  • Addresses employee grievances promptly.

  • Ensure compliance to quality standards.

  • Coordinates for HR projects like DHDA etc. as and when required.

  • Assist in employee engagement programs as and when conducted.

  • Implementation of all the processes as per the accreditation requirement.

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