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Manager Housekeeping








High school diploma or equivalent; additional education or certification in housekeeping management is a plus.


Reporting to

Proven experience in housekeeping or custodial supervision, preferably in an educational institution.




Knowledge of cleaning techniques, equipment, and supplies.
Strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills.
Familiarity with safety regulations and compliance standards.
Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, as needed.



Strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills.


The Housekeeping Supervisor at the university is responsible for overseeing and managing the housekeeping staff to ensure a clean, sanitary, and orderly environment throughout the university campus facilities. 

This role involves coordinating housekeeping operations, managing staff schedules, and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness to support a conducive learning and working environment. 

Supervision and Leadership: 

  • Lead, motivate, and supervise housekeeping staff, including training and performance evaluations. 

  • Ensure that all staff members adhere to university policies and procedures. 

Staff Scheduling: 

  • Create and manage staff schedules to ensure adequate coverage for all areas of the university. 

  • Coordinate with other departments to align housekeeping services with university events and activities. 

Quality Control: 

  • Conduct regular inspections of facilities to ensure cleanliness and compliance with established standards. 

  • Address and rectify any cleanliness issues promptly. 

Inventory Management: 

  • Monitor and manage inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment. 

  • Coordinate with procurement to ensure timely replenishment of supplies. 

Training and Development: 

  • Conduct training sessions for housekeeping staff on proper cleaning techniques, safety protocols, and university-specific standards. 

  • Implement ongoing training programs to enhance staff skills. 

Budget Management: 

  • Assist in the development of the housekeeping budget. 

  • Monitor expenditures to ensure cost-effectiveness and adherence to budgetary constraints. 


  • Maintain effective communication with university departments and staff to address housekeeping needs and concerns. 

  • Communicate with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and quality service. 

Safety and Compliance: 

  • Enforce safety protocols and ensure that housekeeping activities comply with health and safety regulations. 

  • Collaborate with the university's safety officer to implement and reinforce safety measures. 

Problem Resolution: 

  • Respond to and resolve housekeeping-related issues and complaints from students, faculty, and staff. 

  • Collaborate with maintenance and facilities teams to address facility-related concerns. 

Special Projects: 

  • Oversee special cleaning projects and initiatives, such as deep cleaning, pest control, and floor maintenance. 


  • Prepare regular reports on housekeeping activities, including performance metrics, challenges, and accomplishments. 

  • Provide updates to university administration on the status of housekeeping operations.

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