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Graduate in the respective field

Head of Department

Reporting to

Fresh graduates




Clinical knowledge



Competence as a clinician who supports the
expanded role of the advanced practice.
2. Maintains effective communication with clients,
students, peers, and other members of the health care team.
3. Physically present in the clinical situation with
adequate time for consultation on a one to one basis with the
4. Displays an interest and ability to facilitate learning
by students.
5. Knowledgeable and responsive to consumer needs
and community resources.
6. Commitment to the concept of the team approach
in the delivery of health care.
7. Recognizes and is responsive to the needs of

  • Participates in the orientation of the student to the clinical setting.

  • Familiarizes self to the learning objectives for the course.

  • Facilitates achievement of clinical objectives by identifying learning experiences for student and by providing assistance in patient selection.

  • Reviews patient findings to assure accuracy and comprehensiveness in collection and recording of data.

  • Encourages and fosters independence of the student in data collection and clinical decision making.

  • Facilitates interaction and consultation with other health care providers in planning and implementing patient care.

  • Validates and evaluates student’s clinical progress through consultation with faculty and student.

  • Appraises student of agency meetings (conferences, rounds, in-service programs) and encourages participation of the student, as appropriate.

  • Discusses any questions and problems with faculty.

  • Completes final evaluation summary of student at conclusion of experience.

  • Other related duties as assigned.

  • To instill and demonstrate principles of professionalism and ethics during the students’ professional training.

  • Responsible for communicating student expectations regarding performance, appearance, attitude and method of practice.

  • Responsible for scheduling an orientation session with their student(s).

  • Determine and reviewing the student’s performance through discussions and observation.

  • Responsible for reviewing student progress at regular intervals during the experience and sharing their observations with the students.

  • Provide constructive criticism that is conveyed in private and in an appropriate manner.

  • Preceptors should inform students of any areas requiring improvement as early as possible.

  • Preceptors are responsible for submitting a midpoint and final assessment by the prescribed due date.

  • Preceptors are responsible for verifying the practice hours completed by each student to the College.

  • Preceptors are responsible for verifying student attainment of required rotation outcomes.

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