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Associate Professor








Doctoral Degree or equivalent/Consultant License holder for Clinical Faculties

Department Chair

Reporting to

Minimum of 5 years of full-time teaching experience (or equivalent) at the Assistant Professor level, after the terminal qualification in the concerned specialty along with research publications in indexed journals.


• Applicable for clinical faculty as Consultant Evaluation


• Organization and environment awareness.
• In-depth knowledge of area of discipline



• Excellent teaching and presentations skills
• Plan and implement academic activities
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to conduct scientific research
• Develop teaching aids, conduct evaluation, develop course files.
• Ability to create compose and edit written materials


The Associate Professor fits into one of the three tracks as mentioned below:

  • The Educator / Researcher Track (with more 60% of his/her time on teaching).

  • The Researcher / Educator Track (with more 60% of his/her time on research).

  • The Clinical / Educator Track (with more 70% of his/her time on clinical services). 


  • To be engaged in the education of undergraduate and graduate students, as appropriate to the department.

  • To conduct each course, they have been assigned to teach in general conformity with the content, format, and official description

  • To contribute towards the development of rubrics for assessment (formative and summative) of students

  • Construct course syllabus and prepare lesson plan.

  • Prepare course and laboratory schedule.

  • Record attendance.

  • Prepare and present individual lectures or laboratory assignments.

  • Review course content and update on a regular basis.

  • Write and administer tests and exams (grading, posting and filling).

  • Maintain office hours for student advice and curriculum development planning.

  • Advice weak students for academic improvement.

  • Coordinate all learning activities.

  • Plan, schedule and evaluate assignment and research activities of students.

  • Maintain course files as per template provided.

  • Invigilate exams.

  • Instruct and evaluate students.

  • Plan and conduct experiential training. 


  • Participate in academic and scholarly research activities

  • Publications in internationally recognized journals, books, or citations of his/her work. 


  • Effective participation in the Committees at college and university levels.

  • Contribute to faculty development activities and continuous education programs.

  • Service to community through short courses, workshops, seminars, etc.

  • Establishment of cooperation with the industry and other institutions

  • Membership in national associations relevant to his/her specialty.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Ensures adequate focus on personal professional growth relevant to taking on more challenging assignments.

  • Participates in the performance evaluation system.

  • Perform other duties as and when assigned based on the requirement.

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