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Dean of QA&IE






QA&IE Deanship


Master's or Ph.D. in Education, Higher Education Administration, or a related field.

Vice Chancellor Academics

Reporting to

8+ years of experience in program evaluation, accreditation, and leadership roles in higher education.




- Expertise in program evaluation methodologies and accreditation processes.
- In-depth knowledge of regulatory standards and compliance in higher education.



- Strong leadership and strategic planning skills.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Ability to lead and manage a team of professionals.
- Experience in fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


Leadership of the QA&IE Deanship:

  • Direct the Quality Assurance & Institutional Effectiveness Deanship (QA&IED), overseeing data review, tool evaluation, preliminary data analysis, and support colleges in improvement planning. 

Ranking and International Accreditation:

  • Work to expand GMU’s global footprint, through global ranking(s), explore international institution accreditations and engaging in international, regional and national benchmarking

Policy Development and Implementation:

  • Lead the review and creation of the university’s "Policies & Procedures," introducing a policy for policies to ensure systematic follow-up and implementation across all units.

Strategic Planning:

  • Support strategic and operational planning by developing comprehensive long-term and short-term plans, focusing on primary directions, priorities, and the implementation of strategic goals and projects, which are critical for the university's continuous improvement and competitiveness.

  • Lead rigorous analysis for the implementation of action plans based on assessments.

Operational Efficiency and Automation:

  • Lead the automation of data collection and report generation, enhancing the efficiency of operations within the QA&IE Deanship.

Data Management and Institutional Research:

  • Utilize institutional data for informed planning and decision-making, manage a rigorous database for timely and accurate reporting to the Ministry of Education, and spearhead both qualitative and quantitative research efforts.

Quality Assurance and Program Enhancement:

  • Providing comprehensive review and feedback on all SSRs prior to submission to accrediting agencies.

Staff Development and Supervision:

  • Supervise and evaluate the professional staff within the QA&IE domain, establishing work priorities, monitoring progress, and promoting professional development opportunities.

Closing the Loop of Quality Enhancement:

  • Collaborate with the VCA to ensure comprehensive quality enhancement at various levels of the university's operations.

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