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SDG 03: Good Health and Wellbeing

Gulf Medical University has actively engaged in promoting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 – Good Health and Well-being, as documented in this report, which encompasses a series of initiatives targeting improved community health and education. The report details the university's involvement in international health days and comprehensive outreach to educational institutions and the  community, alongside health screenings and awareness campaigns.

The university has participated in global health events, providing educational opportunities and encouraging student and faculty involvement in public health discourse. Collaborative blood donation campaigns with health authorities and informative sessions on pertinent health issues like ergonomic safety in schools are among the highlighted activities.

Further emphasizing community service, the university has conducted targeted health screenings and preventive programs for workers, recognizing the importance of inclusive health education. These initiatives have been instrumental in addressing musculoskeletal health, among other concerns, thereby contributing to the welfare of diverse professional groups.

In narrating these efforts, the report aims to showcase the university's dedication to health promotion and a commitment to the health objectives set forth by the United Nations' SDGs in health and well-being.


Health Screening Program at the Emirates School, Ajman

The Gulf Medical University (GMU), in partnership with Thumbay University Hospital and College of Dentistry, conducted a successful health screening program at the Emirates School Establishment, Ajman. This initiative was part of the World Day for Occupational Health and Safety commemoration and focused on key health issues affecting employees.

  • Conducted by third-year MBBS students under faculty supervision, the screening addressed obesity, hypertension, oral health, diabetes, and lifestyle factors.

  • The program provided opportunities for students like Danya Yahia Osma and Reem Mokhamlji to enhance their communication and clinical skills, emphasizing the importance of patient engagement and education.

  • Participants with abnormal results were referred for further medical follow-up, ensuring the continuity of care and early intervention.

Health Risk Screening and Awareness Campaign at Al Qarayen School, Ajman

In alignment with its mission of social accountability and community service, Gulf Medical University conducted a comprehensive health awareness campaign at Al Qarayen School, Ajman. This initiative, part of a series of health-related engagements, was aimed at promoting health awareness and early detection of health risks among the school's staff and parents. The campaign, held on February 27, 2023, offered free health check-ups including BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and dental assessments, led by medical students, dental interns, and public health students under expert faculty supervision.

Health Awareness for Special groups

Gulf Medical University’s (GMU) College of Dentistry, in association with Curaden Academy, conducted an educational program for the Dubai Center for Special Needs, underscoring the university's emphasis on community service. This initiative falls directly in line with GMU’s broader mission to promote community health and engagement.

  • Dental students presented a video and demonstrated proper toothbrushing techniques.

  • Interactive activities, including board games from Curaprox, were used to educate on choosing foods that promote oral health.

  • The event targeted both students with special needs and their caretakers, ensuring a wider impact on the community


The Department of Community Medicine from Gulf Medical University executed a successful health screening campaign at the Ministry of Community Development, addressing risk factors among a diverse group, including older adults and mentally challenged children.

Dental Screening Camp with Free Iftar Meals for Patients

Gulf Medical University's College of Dentistry, in collaboration with Athar and with Curadent’s sponsorship, conducted a significant dental screening event at the Ajman Museum, underlining the university's commitment to community health. Over 1,000 individuals received complimentary dental checkups from GMU’s senior dental students and faculty.

GMU PharmD Students Engage in Patient Centered Care at BinSina Pharmacy

Two final year PharmD students from Gulf Medical University, Fathima Sheik Kather and Keerthana Selvaraju, conducted a proactive blood pressure screening for customers at BinSina Pharmacy, Mall of the Emirates, as part of a community pharmacy project.


A Free Mega Medical & Dental Camp was held at Thumbay University Hospital, Al Jurf, Ajman on 24th September Sunday 2023 from 9am to 6pm. Fifteen BSN students from Semester 3, Year 2 participated in the camp. They were involved in performing health assessment, anthropometric measurements, vital signs and Random Blood Glucose Check (GRBS) at the camp. In appreciation of their service, they will be honored with a certificate of appreciation.

Health Promotion Campaign at Emirates Security Camp in Ajman

A health promotion event was held on February 8, 2023, by students and interns from Gulf Medical University, supported by Thumbay University Hospital, to offer free medical check-ups to workers at the Emirates Security Camp in Ajman. The event, part of a community engagement initiative, provided services such as measuring height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, dental check-ups, blood sugar levels, and free GP consultations, with referrals to Thumbay University Hospital for those needing further care. The campaign was praised by participants for its impact on the community and the valuable experience it provided for students in real-world patient communication and care. Prof. Manda Venkatramana, the Vice Chancellor of Academics and Dean of the College of Medicine at GMU, emphasized the university's commitment to community service and social responsibility.

College of Pharmacy Participates in DHA Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

On 5th January 2022, Dr. Juny Sebastian (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Selma Castell (Preceptor) represented the College of Pharmacy in the cervical cancer awareness campaign conducted by Dubai Health Authority [DHA] at Gulf Medical University. The objective of the program was to increase the awareness among women about cervical cancer and to highlight the role of colposcopy in the prevention of cervical cancer.  The awareness session and the workshop were led by Prof. Shatha Al Sharbatti from Gulf Medical University, Dr. Muna Kashwani and Dr. Osama Omran from Al Qassimi Women & Children Hospital, Sharjah.

Health Awareness and Risk Detection Camp at Mushairef Roastery, Ajman

'Health Awareness and Risk Detection camp' was held at a warehouse in Ajman on February 22, 2023, organized by Gulf Medical University in collaboration with Thumbay University Hospital and Thumbay Dental Hospital. The camp offered free health check-ups to workers in the area and was part of the university's community engagement efforts. Medical, dental, and public health students, along with interns, provided services under faculty supervision, including health assessments like BMI, blood pressure, dental check-ups, and blood sugar tests, with referrals to specialists if needed.

The initiative helped medical students gain practical experience in primary care and develop important skills such as teamwork and communication, despite language differences. The camp allowed for an analysis of community health needs, identification of disease patterns, and the provision of health education to prevent lifestyle diseases. The university emphasizes its mission to serve the immediate community through such social accountability activities.

GMU Pharmacy Students’ Association (GPSA) Organizes an Inter-professional Breast Cancer Awareness for the Community

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students from the Gulf Medical University's Pharmacy Students' Association, along with their peers from medicine and nursing colleges, organized a breast cancer awareness event on October 26. They conducted educational activities, presented posters on detection and prevention, and engaged with visitors to address questions about breast cancer. The students performed general health check-ups, measuring blood pressure and BMI, and provided guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Interactive games and a 'message of hope' board for supportive notes to cancer patients were also part of the event. Additionally, brochures with information on breast cancer, self-examination, and key signs and symptoms were distributed to visitors.

Anaesthesia Technology students of CoHS GMU conduct Motherhood Awareness – Community Engagement activity at Thumbay University Hospital

On May 12th, 2023, in celebration of World Mother's Day, the Anaesthesia Technology Department of the College of Health Sciences at Gulf Medical University hosted a Motherhood awareness program at Thumbay University Hospital. The event featured one-on-one interactions, with students and faculty distributing brochures and conducting survey questionnaires aimed at educating mothers visiting the outpatient department about maternal health. The program also covered the pros and cons of using anaesthesia during labor. The initiative was deemed a success, enhancing the knowledge of the attending mothers regarding maternal health.


Breast Cancer Awareness at Al Qassimi Women and Childrens Hospital, Sharjah

The Breast Cancer Awareness Program – Pinktober 2023 was celebrated on 16th October 2023 on the Theme – “Close the Care Gap,” at Al Qassimi Women and Children Hospital, Sharjah as a Community Engagement Program, organized by the IV year BSN students 2020 Batch in co-ordination with AQWCH.

The focus of our awareness program was to build awareness, connect community and encourage hope.

Various activities were held in the cafeteria block which was kick started by Unfolding of Theme by Ms Fatemeh Mustafa, IV Year BSN student. The activities included Quiz on Breast Cancer, Awareness talks on Warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer among females and males, Breast Self-Examination and lifestyle modification to reduce risk of Breast Cancer. Totally 17 IV Year BSN students participated in the program.

The program was attended by patients and their attenders, Nursing Staff, Doctors and Nursing students from RAK College of Nursing.


Blood Donation

Gulf Medical University's College of Dentistry and College of Health Sciences each organized successful blood donation camps in collaboration with major health authorities. The first event, held on March 2nd by the College of Dentistry in partnership with the Dubai Blood Donation Center, saw over 100 individuals register, with more than 30 successful donations. Similarly, on May 9th, the College of Health Sciences' Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, working with the Sharjah Blood Transfusion & Research Centre, received 70 registrations, leading to more than 40 successful donations. Both events focused on raising awareness of the importance of blood donation and ensuring participant safety through medical check-ups prior to donation. The respective health authorities acknowledged and thanked GMU for their commitment to community service and for supporting the vital cause of saving lives through these campaigns.

GMU-IVPN Students Club Organizes a Community Engagement Activity on Medications Use During Fasting in Ramadan

Pharmacy students from GMU-IVPN Club conducted a community engagement activity at Thumbay University Hospital on April 10, where they advised patients on managing their medication during Ramadan. Recognizing the unique challenges of observing the fast, the students provided guidance on medication timing, hydration, and avoiding food-drug interactions. This initiative was based on insights from a webinar by IVPN-Network held on March 28, entitled “Medications in Ramadan: Care Redefined.” Additionally, the students shared general health tips for fasting, including the importance of a balanced diet, moderation during Iftar, staying active, and resting adequately. The event was well-received by patients, reflecting the students' dedication to community service and health education during the holy month.


Yoga Day for GMU Employees

GMU celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2023.

Mr. Kumar Srinivasa Kota, a renowned Yoga Wellness Professional, was tapped for the session. The session was a meditative retreat for 25 faculty and staff participants. Mr. Kumar delved into the rich history and science behind yoga before guiding attendees through energizing yoga poses and breathing exercises.

The hour-long session was an oasis of calm in the middle of bustling schedules, reminding everyone of the profound impact of yoga on health, spirit, and mind. Such events underscore GMU’s commitment to promoting holistic wellbeing among its community members.

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