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SDG 05: Gender Equality

Gulf Medical University (GMU) embodies a strong commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5), focusing on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. This commitment is not merely verbalized but actively integrated into GMU's diverse array of academic, clinical, and research activities during the Academic Year (2022-2023).

GMU has been progressing its endeavors for achieving SDG 5, some of them include the following:

  • The percentage of female students is higher than that of male students.

  • Equality in employment

  • Community Engagement

  • Research and Publications

  • Providing recreational facilities for female students and female employees


The percentage of female students is higher than that of male students.

In the academic year 2022-2023, Gulf Medical University (GMU) has observed a promising trend that underscores its commitment to gender equality: the proportion of female students and graduates has surpassed that of males. This reflects GMU's dedicated efforts in cultivating an environment that fosters diversity and inclusivity, providing equal opportunities for all in the realms of medical and healthcare education.

Figures 1 and 2 illuminate this progression, depicting a higher female-to-male ratio in both student enrolment and graduation rates. Such a demographic representation is a testament to GMU’s role in empowering women in healthcare professions, highlighting the university’s success in mitigating gender disparities within the field.

GMU takes pride in its contribution to advancing gender equality, demonstrated through the substantial achievements of its female students and graduates. These accomplishments not only signify the university's supportive and equitable educational approach but also spotlight the impactful contributions women are making in the realm of healthcare and medicine.

Figure 1: Female to male students

Figure 2: Female graduates to Male graduates students


Equality in employment

At Gulf Medical University (GMU), the commitment to equality in employment is at the core of its values. The university takes proactive measures to ensure that all individuals, regardless of gender, race, or background, have equal access to opportunities for professional growth and development. GMU's policies emphasize a merit-based approach in hiring and promotions, fostering an inclusive environment where talent and dedication are the primary determinants of success.

Figure 3 shows a small difference in the percentage between female and male employees.

Figure 3: Female to male employee ratio

Women hold leadership and administrative positions in the university

At Gulf Medical University (GMU), the empowerment of women extends beyond the classroom, with a significant presence of female leaders in various leadership and administrative roles. This progressive approach not only demonstrates GMU's unwavering commitment to gender equality but also underscores the recognition of women's valuable contributions to the institution. These women bring diverse perspectives and expertise to their positions, enriching the decision-making process and fostering an inclusive environment. Their presence serves as an inspiration for students, showing them that gender should never be a barrier to achieving the highest levels of leadership. Through their dedication and competence, these women leaders contribute significantly to the continued success and progress of GMU.

Average Salary of Different Position Classified by Gender:

The Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness unit along with the HR Department monitor the percent difference in pay scale between male and female employees on annual basis. The actions taken and internal control succeeded to keep the overall difference in pay scale between male and female employees in the range below 10% and the same difference as well for each category of faculty and staff.

Figure 4: Average Salary of Different Positions Classified by Gender


Research and Publications

In the domain of research and publications at Gulf Medical University (GMU), a steadfast commitment to gender equality resonates profoundly. The university not only advocates for the inclusion and recognition of women researchers but actively strives to create an environment where their voices are amplified. Initiatives promoting gender-balanced research teams and encouraging women to lead projects are prioritized. This concerted effort ensures that diverse perspectives inform groundbreaking studies and innovative discoveries. GMU recognizes that true progress in academia requires the full participation and representation of all genders. As a result, the research landscape at GMU is characterized by a dynamic and inclusive approach, ultimately advancing the frontiers of knowledge in healthcare and medicine for the betterment of all.


Community Engagement


In honor of International Women’s Day, Gulf Medical University Pharmacy Students Association (GPSA) hosted a panel discussion to celebrate the wonderful role model women in the pharmacy field.


As a part of the community engagement program, the ACP students of the Department of Physiotherapy, CoHS, GMU conducted an awareness session with the theme of “Diastasis Recti- What does it mean for pregnant and postnatal women” in collaboration with the OBG department at Thumbay University Hospital. The objective of the event was to raise awareness on recognition and management strategies of diastasis recti among pregnant women.


GMU Pharmacy Students’ Association (GPSA) organized an interactive event for Breast Cancer Month. The aim of this event was to raise awareness of the importance of self-checking the breasts and routine mammograms for women that require it. Additionally, there were posters that illustrated free mammogram centers all over the United Arab Emirates.


In commemoration of the ‘Breastfeeding Week 2022″, the 4th year BSN students conducted a Community Engagement Program on ‘Breastfeeding Awareness’ on the Theme – Step up for Breastfeeding- Support and Educate in Al Qassimi Women and Children Hospital, Sharjah, on 4th October 2022, Thumbay University Hospital, Ajman on 5th October 2022 and Al Madeena Health Center, Ajman on 11th October 2022.

Promoting Women in STEM


DR. RAEFA ABOU KOUZAM selected for her research that aims to investigate the regulation of pancreatic cancer antitumor immune response in the context of hypoxic micro environmental complexity and reprogramming.

The L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Middle East Regional Young Talent Program recognizes women researchers who, through the scope of their work, have contributed to overcoming today’s global challenges and for their remarkable discoveries in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Providing recreational facilities for female students and female employees

At Gulf Medical University (GMU), inclusivity extends to every aspect of campus life, including recreational facilities. The university is dedicated to ensuring that female students and employees have access to a wide range of recreational opportunities that cater specifically to their needs and preferences. GMU has invested in creating safe and welcoming spaces that promote physical well-being, relaxation, and social interaction. These facilities are designed with the diverse interests of women in mind, offering a variety of activities that cater to different tastes and fitness levels.


GMU hostels offer clean, safe and furnished accommodation in Ajman, for its students. The hostels are located in Al Jurf area (behind the campus – approximately few minutes by bus from the campus) and house undergraduate and graduate male and female students, supervised by a hostel warden. The University provides safe transportation to and from the hostels.

Some of the facilities available at the hostels:

  • Centralized air-conditioning

  • Laundering, maintenance and housekeeping

  • Water-coolers provided on all floors

  • Wi-Fi with internet

  • Medical support facilities at Thumbay Hospitals

  • Transportation to & from the University during University hours

  • Weekend visits to Dubai & Sharjah malls arranged on request

  • Recreation facility: Special packages for hostel students at Body & Soul Health Club

  • Mess Facility available from The Terrace Restaurant with special packages including buffet in the hostel premises

  • Full time warden and security

Nearby Facilities: City Centre – Ajman, Carrefour, Safeer Mall (including a hypermarket, cinemas and amusement arcades, money exchanges, banking services, restaurants, cafes and food courts), City Life Mall, Grand Centrale Mall, Terrace Restaurant, Blends & Brew Coffee Shop, Body & Soul Health Club & Spa.

Body and Soul Health Club and Spa

Gulf Medical University (GMU) is committed to ensuring the well-being and holistic development of its female students and employees. As part of this commitment, GMU provides access to premium recreational facilities, including the Body & Soul Health Club & Spa located at Thumbay Medcity in Al Jurf, Ajman.

The club is first of its kind in Ajman offering extensive sports, recreation, fitness, health, social and youth programs. The Club is located on the grounds of the Gulf Medical University with very easy access from Ajman and with ample parking. The facilities include a luxury family pool and deck, an extensive fitness suite with a view, dance and yoga studios, a 3 court tennis center with our very own pro, badminton, squash, volleyball and basketball courts, a soccer/cricket pitch and a ladies only section with a gym and private access to the ladies pool.

Additionally, GMU extends special discounts and offers to its employees, further demonstrating its dedication to their welfare. Moreover, enrolled students enjoy complimentary access to these facilities. Notably, the health club also features a dedicated kids' play area, providing valuable support to both student mothers and employees seeking to balance their personal and professional responsibilities. This initiative exemplifies GMU's unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all its members.

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