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SDG 08: Decent Work & Economic Growth

GMU is committed to promoting sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all its employees. It strives to continuously improve itscontribution to SDG 8-Decent Work & Economic Growth.


GMU has been progressing its endeavors for achieving SDG, some of them include the following:

·       GMU workforce

·       Employee Satisfaction

·       Employ our graduates

·       Courses towards SDG 8

·       Technological Innovation in University core activities

·       Awards and Recognition as a quality Institution in all our operations

We Employ our Graduates

Currently, more than 40-employees are working across GMU academic health system, and 25-alumniare working in various departments of the university. These departments include

·       Pharmacy Practice

·       Biomedical Sciences

·       Pharmaceutical Sciences

·       Restorative Dental Sciences

·       Physiotherapy Sciences

·       Thumbay Research Institute forPrecision Medicine

·       Medical Imaging Sciences

·       Clinical Science Department

Teaching - Courses offered in Relation to SDG 8

There are 19-courses offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University related toSDG 8.

·       PML 103    : Principles of Management, Leadership & Sustainability

·       PRE 106    : Principles of Economics

·       HRH 305 : Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations

·       ENT 307    : Entrepreneurship: Disruptive Innovation and New Business Models in Healthcare

·       OPM 311 : Operation Management in the Health Industry

·       EBH 301    : Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare

·       INT 501     : Health Economics & Policy Evaluation

·       INT 501     : Healthcare Policy, Managing Government & Public Health Authority

·       MCH 410 : Management of Change in the Healthcare Industry

·       CMB 410 : Claim Management and Business Relationship with Providers

·       HME 601 : Health Systems and Global Health

·       HME 602 : Managing Healthcare Organizations

·       HME 604 : Health Economics

·       HME 614 : Management Information Systems in the Health Industry

·       HME 606 : Operation Management in the Health Industry

·       HME 607 : Managing People at Work (Human Resource Management) & Leadership

·       HME 608 : Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations

·       HME 613 : Strategic Management: Social Responsibility, Ethics & Governance

·       STM 404 : Strategic Management, Social Responsibility, Ethics & Governance

·       EIS 101     : Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability

Students Work Placements

GMU provides experiential learning by posting them to clinics or hospitals across UAE and outside UAE. During such trainings students are trained to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to function as an independent medical (general) practitioner and to facilitate entry intopostgraduate medical education. Students are posted to hospitals or clinics approved by the Ministry ofHealth and Prevention (MoH) including its own Teaching Hospitals approved for internship training. The aims of such training program are to:

  • Provide ‘on-the-job’ experience under close supervision

  • Provide opportunities to attain appropriate higher skills and competencies beforeentering the workplace as a basic doctor

  • Provide an insight into the practice of the chosen profession

  • Serve as a strong motivating factor for the learner to continue and specialize further in anychosen field

  • Provide a crucial operation link between the educational program and postgraduatetraining and Continuous Professional Development in the continuum of medicaleducation

The graph below shows the trend over three years for the satisfaction rate of students with the clinicalexperience and experiential learning. It has been observed that the satisfaction rate achieved isconsistently above the benchmark of 90%.

The graphs below highlight, the classification of students by program, gender, nationality, residency and degree levels who were provided with the opportunities of work placements with different hospitals, clinics, labs, etc.

Paid Internship/work placement for 4th Year Undergraduate Healthcare management and economics Students with Colliers International Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience as well as a chance to network in the professional world. In this pursuit, three 4th year students of the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Economics (BSc. HME) program offered by the College ofHealthcare Management and Economics successfully earned an opportunity for Paid Internship with Colliers International. Colliers is a Canada-based leading diversified professional services and investment management company. It has a presence in 63 countries with approximately 17,000 employees.

Diversity in Student Enrollment: Fostering Inclusive Economic Growth

GMU has the opportunity to assess how inclusive our educational institution truly is by tracking and analyzing student enrollment data that vividly illustrates this diversity,

GMU's commitment to promoting diversity extends beyond our campus walls which is an investment in the university's collective future. 

This commitment is not just about numbers; it's about empowering and valuing students from diverse backgrounds. GMU believes that preparing a variety of individuals for the workforce contributes to more inclusive economic growth.

GMU program internships for graduated students.

Further, GMU offers following internship programs outside the regular study plan across differentspecializations. All internships take place at GMU academic teaching hospitals approved by Ministry of Health UAE.

  • Medical Internship Program

  • Dental Internship Program

  • Physiotherapy Internship Program

  • Medical Laboratory Sciences Internship Program

  • Medical Imaging Internship Program

  • Anesthesia Technology Internship Program

  • Nursing Internship Program

  • Pharmacy Internship Program


The internships are carried out at the following hospitals:

  • Mafraq Hospital

  • Thumbay Hospital Ajman

  • Thumbay University Hospital

  • Sheikh Shak bout Medical City Abu Dhabi.

  • Thumbay Dental Hospital

  • Thumbay Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Hospital

  • GMU, Thumbay Laboratory

GMU Alumni

The GMU Alumni Summit event took place on November 28, 2022. The summit recognized the achievements of GMU students through an award ceremony, acknowledging their service to society and innovative leadership. Alumni shared their success stories, challenges faced, and guidance for achieving similar success in the future. 22 Alumni were awarded for their outstanding contributions in categories such as community service, leadership, and research.

Over 200 alumni from various health professions fields participated in the event, representing GMU's diverse alumni network.

The Chancellor of GMU commended the professional accomplishments of the university's students and emphasized the significance of alumni in upholding the institution's core values.

It was highlighted that the GMU alumni network is diverse, spanning over 78-nationalities and making substantial contributions to the healthcare sector in the country and region. Additionally, in collaboration with the Thumbay network, GMU plays a pivotal role in training doctors and healthcare professionals, thereby leaving a notable impact on the healthcare sector in the country and the region.

GMU has produced around 3000 graduates who have gone on to secure successful positions in healthcare and research across various regions, including the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.


Contribution to Training and Development of Nurses

The College of Nursing at Gulf Medical University (GMU), in collaboration with the Training & Development Centre and Nursing Department of Emirate Health Services (EHS) in the UAE, organized and conducted a Preceptorship Development Program. The program spanned 8 weeks, consisting of 8 cohorts, from September 16, 2022 to November 12, 2022, and involved a total of 203 nurses, including 169 from EHS and 34 from GMU/TUH. The program took place at GMU, E-Learning Centre and was a collaborative effort between the College of Nursing, the Training & Development Centre, Nursing Department, EHS, with support from the GMU administration.

Faculty members from various colleges at GMU, who are experts in Health Professions Education, led the training sessions in an interprofessional team venture. The program included a variety of activities such as presentations, discussions, sharing of experiences, videos, exercises, and reflections. These exercises took the form of case scenarios, reflections, games, quizzes, and brainstorming activities, fostering interaction and the exchange of experiences among participants. The feedback from participants indicated a high level of satisfaction with all the sessions.


Training & Development in Medical Imaging Sciences

Gulf Medical University (GMU) has signed an MOU with International Radiology Center (IRC) foreducation and training in imaging sciences in the UAE. The agreement will provide students with training opportunities at IRC through short term courses, workshops, diplomas and post graduate studies in imaging sciences. It is an excellent strategic partnership which will contribute to the growth of quality radiology services in the UAE. The community will benefit from special screening services offered by IRC. IRC is a leading imaging centre in the UAE and Middle East.

Gulf Medical University’s College of Pharmacy Hosts Conference to Drive Pharmacists-Administered Vaccination in The Middle East

The Middle East Conference on Pharmacist-Administered Vaccination, organized by Gulf Medical University's College of Pharmacy with support from Pfizer, aimed to empower pharmacists in the Middle East to administer vaccinations, increasing access and vaccination rates while decreasing costs. This event served as a knowledge hub for pharmacy professionals and discussed the cost-effectiveness of pharmacist-administered vaccinations and their role in boosting the healthcare economy. With over 350 participants from various sectors, including pharmacies, hospitals, academia, and government entities, the conference promoted widespread adoption of vaccination services by pharmacists. Experts from different countries shared experiences, best practices, and research on the contribution of pharmacist-administered vaccinations to public health, marking a significant expansion of pharmacists' roles in healthcare. Notable speakers included professionals from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the USA. This initiative represents a historic and important step toward advancing population health in the UAE. Pfizer also expressed its commitment to working with pharmacists to provide equitable access to vaccinations and advance public health. The Middle East Conference on Pharmacist Administered Vaccination was a groundbreaking event, drawing international and local attendees from academia, government, research, and regulatory bodies.

The primary aim of this event is to enhance the scope and duties of pharmacists, such as the administration of vaccinations. This expansion holds the potential to generate more job openings and foster economic development within the healthcare workforce. It directly contributes to the overarching objective of enhancing healthcare service accessibility and establishing quality employment prospects within the healthcare industry, in alignment with SDG 8. Link

British Pharmacological Society Collaborates with Gulf Medical University’s College of Pharmacy to Host Prescription Skills Training and Assessments Workshop

Pharmacy educators and practitioners in the UAE recently convened at the Gulf Medical University for a workshop on "Prescribing Skills Training and Assessment in Health Professions Education and Practice." This event, conducted in collaboration with the British Pharmacological Society (BPS), aimed to enhance knowledge and best practices in healthcare systems, medical education, prescription writing skills, and prescribing safety. The workshop featured presentations from speakers representing Gulf Medical University's Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine, as well as keynote presentations by Chancellor Hossam Hamdy and Professor Simon Maxwell of BPS. Participants engaged in hands-on training on an online platform for prescribing skills assessment. Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor-GMU emphasized the future of healthcare systems and medical education, stressing the importance of students' exposure to healthcare facilities in the community and the integration of research and innovation into their learning experiences. The workshop aimed to unite faculty members from pharmacy colleges across the UAE, emphasizing the need to incorporate prescribing skills into pharmacy curricula to enhance patient safety and advance the pharmacy profession. This initiative contributes to the development of skilled healthcare professionals and promoting safety in healthcare practices.

GMU’S Dr. Juny and Dr. Shabaz Contribute to the 5-Year Roadmap of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Education, UAE

Dr. Juny Sebastian, Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy, and Dr. Shabaz Mohiuddin, Clinical Lecturer at the College of Pharmacy & Chair of Clinical Pharmacy Department- Thumbay University Hospital, represented Gulf Medical University at a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TEVT) workshop hosted by the Ministry of Education in Academic City, Dubai, on September 5, 2023.

The Ministry of Education is working on a national report to assess the current status of TEVT in the UAE as part of its transformative initiatives. The project aims to develop a comprehensive national strategic plan for the next five years in collaboration with relevant institutions across the UAE, with the goal of establishing a sustainable and diversified knowledge-based economy. Dr. Juny and Dr. Shabaz contributed to the creation of this 5-year roadmap by sharing their experiences in developing the Diploma in Pharmacy Technician program, which is recognized by the National Qualifications Center (NQC) through the Vocational Education and Training Awards Council (VETAC). This initiative aligns with the UAE's vision for improving vocational and technical education, which supports Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) - Decent Work and Economic Growth by enhancing skills and employability. Link

Thumbay Institute for AI in Healthcare hosts Workshop in Healthcare Applications

The Thumbay Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare recently hosted a workshop on "Generative AI and Natural Language Processing in Healthcare." The event brought together healthcare professionals and AI enthusiasts to explore AI's transformative applications in healthcare. Mr. Prabhal Mohandas from Athenia AI delivered a keynote on the impact of Generative AI and Natural Language Processing in healthcare, highlighting their potential to revolutionize patient care and medical research. Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra, Director of Thumbay Institute for AI in Healthcare, discussed the institute's future workshops and programs, emphasizing the role of AI in reshaping healthcare. The workshop facilitated networking and knowledge-sharing, leaving attendees with a better understanding of AI's promising role in healthcare. The Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare offers certificate programs and training in collaboration with renowned institutions, preparing healthcare workers to develop AI solutions tailored to the healthcare industry. Link 

Gulf Medical University Launches Nafis Scholarship Program with 100% Tuition Coverage for Emirati Students

Gulf Medical University, a prominent private institution in the UAE focused on health professions and managed by the Thumbay Group, has introduced a new scholarship program under the Nafis initiative. This program offers Emirati students the opportunity to receive scholarships covering up to 100% of their college tuition, registration, and related fees, starting from the September 2023 admissions. The goal of these scholarships is to empower Emirati students and enhance the competitiveness of the UAE's healthcare workforce, aligning with the 'Projects of the 50' initiative, which encourages collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive national development and economic growth. The scholarship program at Gulf Medical University encompasses eight medical specializations, including Nursing Sciences, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Anesthesia Technology, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical Diagnostic Imaging Sciences, Dental Surgery, and a pharmacist assistant program. To qualify for these scholarships, applicants must have completed their secondary education and achieved an IELTS score of 4.5 or an equivalent score in the GMU English language test. Beyond financial support, these scholarships provide Emirati students with coaching, professional training, mentoring services, and counseling to help them excel in their chosen health profession careers.

The Chancellor of Gulf Medical University emphasized the institution's dedication, stressed its alignment with the UAE's Emiratization goals within the private sector and its response to the growing need for proficient healthcare experts. It was highlighted that these scholarships extend beyond financial aid, offering essential support services to empower Emirati students to excel in the healthcare field and contribute to the nation's overall healthcare sector advancement.

Sample for Research Towards SDG 8

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