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SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Therapeutic Garden

Thumbay Medicity has a unique Therapeutic Garden, specifically designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the people as well as their caregivers, family members and friends. It is an innovative approach to rehabilitation, intended to give patients a positive experience during their recovery. The rehab garden improves the patients’ balance, walking, and other life skills, helping them recover from stress and promote health. The unit also provides an outdoor patio and a dining area for patients and their families.

Recreation & Sports

Body & Soul Health Club & Spa: The club is first of its kind in Ajman offering extensive sports, recreation, fitness, health, social and youth programs. The Club is located on the grounds of the Gulf Medical University with very easy access from Ajman and with ample parking. The facilities include a luxury family pool and deck, an extensive fitness suite with a view, dance and yoga studios, a 3 court tennis center with our very own pro, badminton, squash, volleyball and basketball courts, a soccer/cricket pitch and a ladies only section with a gym and private access to the ladies pool.

Coffee & Socialization

Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe: Offers a wide range of hot/cold beverage dedicated to the liking of the local Arabic taste, which is a unique offering. Frozen Carbonated Beverages and unique flavored drinks also available. Also has short eats and desserts from different parts of the world to enhance the taste of coffee. It has a vibrant color ambiance which represents elegance and luxury, and provides the ideal setting for socialization.


Eating on Campus

The food court is envisioned as a ‘Live & Learn’ space, immensely benefiting the students and faculty of Gulf Medical University as well as the various hospitals within Thumbay Medicity, by facilitating greater social, academic and intellectual interactions and enriched learning experiences

Thumbay Food Court, the multi-cuisine food court under Thumbay Group’s Hospitality Division, was inaugurated at Thumbay Medicity, Ajman on 25th July 2019. Offering a unique culinary experience, the food court features the vibrant flavors of the Arab world and India, in a splendid ambience complemented by spacious seating and cozy interiors. This also marks the launch of the ‘Live & Learn’ concept at Thumbay Medicity, making it a lively space of social, professional and academic interactions.

Thumbay Food Court includes The Terrace Restaurant – a HACCP certified Arab-Indian restaurant, in addition to the renowned South Indian vegetarian brand Saravana Bhavan Restaurant and a prominent Arabic restaurant slated to open soon, hence offering a variety of culinary flavors to enjoy, catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets. The food court is beautifully designed with premium lighting and modern architecture, with a total of 250 seats. Top quality chairs and tables with their unique designs ensure that diners enjoy their meals in absolute comfort. It mainly serves the anticipated 20,000+ floating population of Thumbay Medicity. It also has a meeting/conference hall for gatherings and parties. The food court is located such that it is easily accessible both from within the hospital as well as from outside, with ample free parking available for vehicles.


Thumbay Moideen Masjid: Located within the premises of GMU overlooking Rashid Al-Khadar Street, this beautiful Masjid has separate entrances and ablution facilities for men and women. It is mostly used by the students, faculty and staff of GMU. It can accommodate up to 400 worshippers at a time. The Masjid is an embodiment of the UAE’s rich Islamic culture. Its elegant architecture reflects the magnificence of the country’s Islamic ethos and heritage. It was constructed by Thumbay Group to add to the facilities of the University campus.


GMU Hostel

The GMU hostel offers a learning environment, a clean, safe living condition in Ajman, allowing students to live together and foster self-dependence, respect for social and communal norms, and tolerance of cultural diversity. The hostels provide opportunities for its residents to improve their leadership, communication, and social skills, which support their academic and personal growth.

The Hostels are located in Al Jurf area (behind the campus – approximately few minutes by bus from the campus) and house undergraduate and graduate male and female students, supervised by a hostel warden.

Hostel for Female Students

Building – 9, 10, 11 | Facilities

  • Single flat with living room: Single student

  • Single Studio: Single student

  • Three-person shared flat with en-suite bath (Large): One student in single room but three sharing the flat

  • Three-person shared flat with en-suite bath (Small): One student in single room but three sharing the flat

  • Three-person shared flat with external bath (Large): One student in single room but three sharing the flat

  • Two-person shared flat with external bath: One student in single room but two sharing the flat

Hostel for Male Students

Building – 15 | Facilities

  • Single flat with living room: Single student

  • Single Studio: Single student

  • Two-person shared flat with external bath: One student in single room but two sharing the flat


  • Furnished with a Cot; Mattress with pillow and quilt; wardrobes; fridge; study tables with chair; microwave and washing machine.


  • Laundry room, Gym, common room with TV and recreational room.


  • Hostel is located 5 minutes walking distance to the University and open throughout the year except the summer holiday.

  • 24/7 warden and security service to maintain the safety and harmony of the premises.

  • Centralized air-conditioning

  • Laundry, maintenance, and housekeeping facilities

  • Water-coolers provided in each flat

  • Wi-Fi with internet facilities

  • Transportation to & from the university during university hours

  • Weekend visits to Dubai & Sharjah malls arranged on request for 15 or more residents.

Nearby Facilities

  • City Centre Ajman (including a hypermarket, cinemas and amusement arcades, money exchanges, banking services, restaurants, cafes and food courts) is within a short distance from the GMU Hostel.

Hostel fees

  • * Subject to change each academic year Security deposit of AED1000/- is required to be paid by all GMU hostel students (male & female). Security deposit is refundable on submission of the clearance of the hostel facility.

  • Hostel fees are required to be paid in full before availing the service.

  • Hostel fees once paid will not be refunded.


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