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Dental Internship - Clinical Competence Committee (CCC)

The purpose of the Clinical Competency Committee for dental interns is to monitor and evaluate the performance of each intern on a regular basis, as well as track their progress toward achieving the necessary competencies for success in their field.




A faculty member to be appointed by the College Council.

  • Faculty members to be nominated by the College Council.

  • Student representative(s) to be nominated by the College Council.

Term of office

Two years (Renewable once)

Frequency of Meetings

Semi-annually and as frequently as needed.

Reporting to

Associated Designated Institutional Officer



Decision-Making & Voting Right

The committee adopts a collaborative decision-making approach. Every member has voting rights including students. A simple majority, defined as more than 50%, is necessary for the approval of any given decision.


Chairperson: The Chairperson is responsible for supervising and ensuring the optimum implementation of a culture of quality all through the program organization, structure, functions, and operations.

Committee Member: Each member of the Clinical Competency Committee is responsible to:

  • Meet with and review with each intern their documented semi-annual performance evaluation, includingprogress and the specialty-specific Milestone.

  • Review of intern case logs must be a part of the semi-annual review.

  • Assist interns in developing individualized learning plans to capitalize on their strengths and identifyareas for growth.

  • Develop plans for interns who do not achieve the required level of competence as per the NIHS policiesand procedures.

  • Meet before the interns' semi-annual evaluations and advise the program director regarding each intern's progress.

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