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University-Level Grievance Committee

The purpose of the University-Level Grievance Committee is to provide a structured and impartial forum for the resolution of grievances raised by faculty and staff within Gulf Medical University (GMU). The committee aims to ensure that all grievances are addressed fairly, transparently, and in a timely manner, fostering an environment of open communication, trust, and mutual respect.




· Vice-Chancellor Academic in case of faculty grievances

· Chief Operating Officer in case of staff grievances

To be selected by the committee chair based on the nature of grievance.

Term of office

The committee is ad hoc and the members are selected by the chair based on the nature of each grievance.

Frequency of Meetings

When required

Reporting to




Decision-Making & Voting Right

The committee adopts a collaborative decision-making approach. Every member has voting rights. A simple majority, defined as more than 50%, is necessary for the approval of any given decision.


Grievance Review and Resolution

  • Review formal grievances submitted by faculty and staff.

  • Conduct thorough investigations and hearings to gather all relevant facts and       evidence.

  • Ensure that all parties involved in a grievance have the opportunity to be heard and present their case.

Fair and Transparent Process

  • Ensure that the grievance handling process is fair, impartial, and transparent.

  • Maintain confidentiality throughout the grievance process to protect the privacy of all parties involved.

  • Adhere to the principles of natural justice, including the right to a fair hearing and the right to appeal.

Timely Response

  • Address and resolve grievances in a timely manner to minimize the impact on       individuals and the university community.

Policy and Procedure Compliance

  • Ensure that all grievance handling procedures comply with GMU’s policies and       regulations.


  • Submit the final report on each grievance to the Chancellor.

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