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The main purpose of the IRB is to review and monitor research to ensure that they are following the principles of research ethics. The IRB aims to protect the rights and welfare of human and animal research subjects recruited to participate in research activities conducted under GMU.




Vice Chancellor Research

The members of the GMU IRB are appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and include the  College Research Coordinators (CRCs). 

Term of office

Two years (Renewable)

Frequency of Meetings

The University IRB shall meet once per semester and when deemed necessary.

Reporting to




Decision-Making & Voting Right

The committee adopts a collaborative decision-making approach. Every member has voting rights including students. A simple majority, defined as more than 50%, is necessary for the approval of any given decision.


  • Develop mechanisms to foster research and approve/obtain funding from external agencies.

  • Review, assess and give recommendations on all research proposals that are first reviewed by each college IRB.

  • Ensure that the research involving human subjects conforms to the ethical standards laid down in the Declaration of Helsinki.

  • Ensure that the research involving animals shall follow a globally accepted standards of laboratory animal care.

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